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02/14/2024 Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube. “Campfire” is my 70th official release. I am in the Ryini group and Ryan made some beats with hooks that he sang on. The beat and hook were all done by Ryini. I recorded my own vocals and it was mixed by Undogmatic. The cover art is a picture from canva.

This was pretty basic. I wanted to produce something as easy and cheap as possible. This cost me $30. $10 for publishing, $20 for production, cover art was free, beat was part of membership. Boom, new Valentine's day EP. Thanks for the timing Gaia.

I wanted to take these features and make a clean-cut EP that you could rap and sing around a campfire with just a guitar. Like 90% of top hits are about love, which is just another reason, I wanted to make the EP about meeting a love interest. I created three songs that follow me meeting and having a relationship with my “campfire girl.” 

I wanted to see what it was like to use AI after hearing it could write a song, so I used AI to write the song. It was lackluster at best. I had to ask for way more material because some of the filler was just awful. It wasn’t to my bpm so anything I did keep I had to do rewrites. It was good for creating drull, lifeless, but consistent content, honestly. But it wasn’t useable, or in the correct format, or not interesting. With that said, it was great for structure and subject ideas. I’ll probablly utilize it again soon. It’s like asking a really informed 6th grader to write you a rap, and you gotta flip it into something cogent.  

I talk about this blog post and other updates in the latest Sunday update here:

All three of these tracks were reviewed by the Ryini group. I was more focused on if Ryan liked them. He had a couple critiques but he said he liked the first and would get behind it. He said he also liked the second track although I could tell he was thrown off by it. The song is kind of a inside joke because he’s so serious and deep in the hook, and then I made the verse about a funny light-hearted matter. I was self-conscious about the last track because I rap really slow and didn’t now what people would think, but I got all positive feedback. Ryan said the last track was his favorite and he’d be happy to share it. Of course, the track I thought was mid. This is why I publish a lot of tracks because what you think will do well doesn’t and what you think won’t do well, does great. 

Check DSP’s for lyrics

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