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Kato & Wysh

Updated: Feb 18

02/02/2024 Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. “Kato & Wysh” is my 69th official release. This is a 7-track album all from a beat pack I bought from Kato & Wysh. All the tracks were self-recorded but mixed and mastered by Keyano. The cover art is by xoxodesigns from fiverr.

I talk about this blog post and other updates in the latest Sunday update here:

This project is really about the listener's experience. I didn’t make it really in-depth with sociological/intellectual words like I did in “Corporate Rule.” I made this for the average individual and contains a bunch of themes I normally talk about in my music. I made this to be played at a party while still being real. The album contains Atheist Raps and Square Dance 2. 

Check DSP’s for lyrics

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