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Kyle Beats Collective

01/05/2024 Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube. “Kyle Beats Collective” is my 67th official release. These are all my lyrics and cadence over six beats I got from Kyle for free. I wanted some song from Kyle beats under my belt and this is what I came up with. There are two features which I got from Fiverr. All the tracks were self-recorded. The entire project was mixed and mastered by Keyano. The cover art is by ArtworkGang from Fiverr. The two features are Kurupt Tha Killa and the female feature on track six.

I talk about this blog post and other updates in the latest Sunday update here:

For the most part, I made this EP because I wanted to give a little sample of all my styles/main subjects that I talk about over Kyle’s beats. I want tracks over popular producer beats in my catalog and I think my and Kyle’s audience would appreciate this contribution. I don’t think it’s my best work, but it was good enough to put out and vibe too. A lot of stuff that you don’t think is good your audience will like so I just put it all out and let them decide, whereas Kyle’s strategy is to be the tastemaker and not even publish it.

This is my first freestyle track. I wrote this right after Barbenheimer became a thing. The first three tracks are my favorite. I talk about my personal life and get on that sociology tip. Wildly is not the greatest beat to rap over, I intentionally went a little off-beat in places. Then the last two tracks were about eros love, which a plethora of music is coming about later in 2024.

I got two features, I paid as little as possible for them while trying to pick up-and-comers. I basically wanted to give an artist a shot like Kyle does while paying them, but I didn’t have a large budget. Kurupt Tha Killa was tagged and the woman on the sixth track didn’t want to be tagged. I had to tone her verse down, she was talking about cheating on her spouse and me choking her, which is cool, but I didn’t want it graphic and nefarious. And Kyle seems to try and keep it PG-13, so the end result is the happy medium.

Lyrics uploaded to DSPs

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