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Your Sun

03/19/2024 Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube. “Your Sun” is my 72nd official release and my 107th track published. This is my first spoken word track as Eric Leo 108. There is no beat and the audio was organized by Sam Peters at La Luna Recordings and Sound in Kalamazoo Michigan. The cover art is a self-taken photo and self-edited cover.

I talk about this blog post and other updates in the latest Sunday update here:

As explained by the National Weather Service, “There are only two times of the year when the Earth's axis is tilted neither toward nor away from the sun, resulting in a "nearly" equal amount of daylight and darkness at all latitudes. These events are referred to as Equinoxes. The word equinox is derived from two Latin words - aequus (equal) and nox (night).” The spring equinox signifies that after this there will be more daylight than night throughout the day in the Northern Hemisphere. 

I intentionally released this spoken word poem on the day of the spring equinox because it’s a poem to humanity as if it was coming from the sun. And nothing signifies that better than the overtaking of light from the sun on the northern hemisphere that is the spring equinox. 

I originally created this poem to express myself in the log, specifically the September 2022 - Hope post. As you can read, the poem has nothing to do with her but it was largely inspired by Emma Watson. 

To briefly make you fully updated. I have a book called “108 The Story of Discovering Earth’s Consciousness” about why and how I think the planet and stars are conscious. Then In the blog (at I show how Gaia (the Earth) could play match maker to guide evolution using telepathy. Basically, attractive, potential mates are used as vessels to paint the canvas of a broader message from Gaia. I explain all this at which is a running log on my blog at This is a poem from the Suns perspective given this information. I chose to release this on the 19th because that’s the day of the spring equinox. 

The actual spring equinox is on the 19th but Christianity celebrates it on the 31st because its the first full moon after the spring equinox. Just like Christmas which is based on the pagan celebration of the winter solstice, Easter comes from a pagan tradition around the spring equinox. Easter is derived from the German Eostre or Ostara which is the goddess of spring. In the most popular story Ostara found a dying bird in the snow. To save it, she turn it into a white hare which she gave the power to lay eggs once a year and gift them to worshipers. And that’s why there are bunnies and eggs on Easter. You can read a fuller story here. It has nothing to do with Jesus rising from the dead and everything to do with celetial patterns and Christian’s culturally appropriating pagan traditions. I have left a video that explains more.

All these christian events and celestial dates line up because Jesus is based off the myth of the sun, which I find worth worshiping. I think Jesus is Western Civilization’s imaginary friend that they made up to make themselve feel better and control the masses, but the sun, which the imaginary friend is based on, is very real and worth worshiping. To be clear, again, I think the sun is conscious and would be the ultimate ruler in our local cosmic domain. 

With that said, I am actually terrified of the sun. Most aging, like wrinkles and lines, come from sun exposure. The only reason the Earth is livable is because we have an atmosphere that protects us from the suns rays from burning us alive, and they still cause cancer.  Have you ever heard of a coronial mass ejection and what it would do to life as we know it? It would basically be like setting of a global EMP (electromagnetic pulse) that would whip out satellites and electronics. The world almost came to an end in 2012 which is also when the Mayan calendar ended. This is because in July of 2012 there was a coronial mass ejection that almost hit Earth that you can read about from NASA, Business Insider, or Wikipeida

I have taken a twitter poll asking “Would you straight-up worship the sun” and all voted “no, that’s stupid.” But in a very real way Christians worship the sun because they worship Jesus which is based off the myth of the sun, they just don’t know it. In this way I’m glad we have people worshiping the sun, I just wish it wasn’t through Jesus. I think we should organize a cohort to worship the sun (and turn towards it) like Mecca and occasionally I do. 

Given all this, trust me when I say, I hope I did the sun justice in this poem.


I am you

I made you

When they say “you’re bright,” “you’re glowing”, or “you’re radiant” 

You can best be assured you got that from me

And I tell you this because

I love you like the stars love rain

Like the earth's vibration through you

I feel and share myself

Like the elements of my dead body combine to be the coalescence of life

Then gave birth to the very carbon lifeforms that can understand what I am

How I love you

I cradled you in my bussum

I watched you as you took your first steps

How your curiosity as child made you a conquerer in your adolescence

And although you may deny it, you still feel the pain of war

The gnawing agony for more

And as the lover you take, do you not ask Are you satisfied my dear?

Or even ask? Satisfied from what?

Do you not understand that

Like penguins bond over pebbles

Or finches sing and dance

I love you like the stars love rain 

Like from the bacteria in the gut

The colony you Excrete aromatically

I would take you then

Like the forest and fonna The earth blackend by your burn

I would take you then

Like the mineral salt in the ocean

Was acidified by your hand

I would take you then

Like you were the diseased

I was helpless by your side

And all I could do is weep

Like rain, even still

I would take you then

I am better because I got to hold you

I nurtured you from nothing

And as a faithful dog greets you when you get home everyday

I will always be there for you

In good times and bad

In sickness and health

I love you like the stars love rain

You made this worth it

Your sun

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