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Corporate Rule

10/13/2023 Click here for Spotify, Apple Music, or Youtube. “Corporate Rule” is my 60th official release. It’s an 8 track album about my feelings on how corporations rule America. All the tracks were self recorded. All the tracks were produced by Keyano. The cover art is made by Gigzlogo from Fiverr. As far as the beats go. “The Villain 2” is a Feniko beat, “Corporate Rule” is from BB Beats, “CEOs” is a Destiny beats, “Labor Power Rules” is a Keyano beats, and “Who Rules America,” “money,” “The Point of no return,” and “class warfare” are from Anno Domini.

I talk about this blog post and other updates in the latest Sunday update here:

The crux of the perspective, motivation, and malcontent of this album is based on the information found in my 2023 treatise. The latest edition is 2023’s published May 19th, this year when I released my song “American Inequality.” “American Inequality” the song is educational in nature. I wanted to educate the public while giving them an idea of my position in society. However, Corporate Rule is from the perspective of the educated poor and the discontent the elite’s policies have brought.

I have no plans on harming anyone, or even being aggresive. If you wanna know why I said some of the extreme things in “Class Warfare” read the Cosmic Luve October 2023 Bam post, and watch the July 16th 2023 Sunday update. I say these things to express myself and give my perspective in an appropriate medium. Would you rather me yell at people in real life, or make an album about it?

The fact is what they’re (the corporate elites are) doing isn’t nice. Intentionally raising prices while stagnating wages while suppressing labor rights to the point people can’t live, let alone the effect they had on global warming, is not nice, so why should I be nice about it? If your offended by my words, you should be even more offended at the people who are targeted by my words because what they are doing is much more heinous. The goal of the album is to make the corporate elite think again. More like, make them see the malcontent they are harboring from the working class.

It’s also for the pissed off American people and proletariat/working class. In this album I’m trying to emulate Immortal Technique’s perspective on society and delivery without conspiracy’s while focusing on the oppression of the proletariat by the bourgeois. It intentionally takes aim at the (alt) right. I can’t stand those people. People who are so propagandized they contradict their own beliefs just to defend the people that are lying to them. They’re whats wrong with America and why the country is such a horrible place to live in, and why we can’t make progress. The one’s that still support Trump and have the “Fuck Biden” flags. Trump is a dangerous anti-democratic white supremist cult.

All this Trump cult stuff is great for the economic and political elites who want to maintain the status quo or regress rights because we’re to busy dealing with the fringe conspiracy theorists to make any progress. Millennials and Gen Z are the poorest generation and homelessness is rising because housing has become so unaffordable. Coupled with guns being the number one cause of death among children, congress can pass a dress code and ban drag shows but can’t confront gun violence or even talk about housing because it benefits corporations and the ruling class. Meanwhile the conservative boomers are looking at us like it’s our fault for “not working hard enough” when it’s really their generation who changed the economic policy and made mere living unaffordable.

This doesn’t get resolved by working harder. It get’s solved by people not working, which is what a strike is all about. The elites probably won’t change their ways willingly, so the proletariat will have to force them. I have left two videos attached. The first is from Adam Conover about how workers won the writers strike, and the second by Leejah miller about the conservative agenda to take over America. They expand upon what I outlined in Farming Humans 2023 about how you should support unions because they get results, and how there is a christo fascist conservative agenda by the oligarchy. Coservatives talk about “the liberal agenda” because their projecting about how they really have an agenda to turn America into an authoritarian dictatorship.

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