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Smoke Blunts

03/04/2022 Click here for Spotify or Apple Music. This is my eighth official release. Written in 2014 while in Los Angeles California I wanted to write an intellectual song with a stoned thought structure with a hook about weed. Now I promote moderation, like I talk about in my “Cloud 9” song, but sometimes debauchery is fun once in a while. The song delivers the message to smoke weed while you listen to my music.

The beat is from The track was professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered by David James of Forest Hills Audio in Grand Rapids Michigan. You can stream or download the track wherever music is sold. You can also buy this track in the shop as part of the “108” album in my shop.

Thank you for your support. Be sure to follow because new music is released every first Friday of every month. Next month I’ll start releasing twice a month, dropping on the third Friday of the month as well.


Smoke blunts all day til I'm numb in the face. couldn't give a fuck, mmm k x2

everyday I’m smoking chronic

Learning economics

Social psychology linguistic phonics

spit it wit dis knowledge they like, wow, what a wild lick

we gon' play this loud, get it get'um buzz'n like loud crickets

unless you get a stage visit in which case, we go ape shit

Exploring the matrix, in an interdimensional shape shift

[like my innerflow, she like it when in her slow,

Pulsates and rolls huh, yeah, you know]

it's like you see my inner soul what you think? Don't you know?

i'm light'n up this indica got beats for you to get at brah

unless you scared... in which case i'll be go'n hard

come on daug I though you thought about his all along

you see me with this confidence and nothing is an obstacle

improble is possible well guess what, I'm unstoppable

topsy turby, turbulance, don't disturb me

fly'n high up in the sky look'n down at all these earthlings

blunt all day til I'm numb in the face couldn't give a fuck, mmmk x2

so superficial its specific and the sarcasm terrific

all I want is you a nice suit some good news

don't be act'n out, drama talk'n bout what we do

wanna fight, let's do it your so dang cute

you look like a FIG NEWTON that's how I hate on

your a delicious food you know it's true

you excited, kay lets do it, so now what'cha wanna do

[like my innerflow, she like it when in her slow,

Pulsates and rolls huh, yeah, you know]

here to make music royalties for contributions

like M about to loose it, feel’n like a lucid

subtle cubRic mintar subterfug n get it long

large, i'm the boss, law monotone and monolog

winna dog put ya boy up in the guiness log

I whiped me up some songs, and then gon and hit um all

write, I got many blogs right, he go and get it ya'll

one question, can you dig it ya'll

go ahead and get along

but seriously, no, really dough i'm ill to deaf, yo let me smoke

blunts all day til I'm numb in the face couldn't give a fuck, mmmk x2

You got ta love the vibbe

what it does to your mind

You knew I got the drdrive

a conscious design

Its been like a mirror room matra with and mental game’a’rope a doope

tried to tell you so you'd know why it's so ggrandiose

But y'all don't wanna see it Or believe it's so aggrievous

Perspective is a benefit & Your perception isn't reasoned

my imagination bursting, nervous system learning

the ideas up in my mind have solidified and burgeoning

Smoke blunt all days til ya numb in the face we don't give a fuck, mmmk x2

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